As ComSoc is one of the larger chapters and very dynamic, members share the responsibility for various actions.

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List of People who have served in 2018

Name Portfolio Email Photo
Navin Kumar, Sr Member Chair
Shashidhara Dongre ,         Sr. Member Member
Dilip Krishnaswamy, Sr Member Chair Elect
Kishore A Sr Member
Anand M             Member Secretary
Prasad Mantri,     Sr. Member Member
Dr Aloknath De,     Sr Member Vice Chair
Mr. Syam M, Sr Member
RadhaKrishna A ,        Sr. Member Member
Sagar B,       Member Treasurer
 Irfan Baig,  Member  Member
Mr. Ganesan Thiagarajan, Member
A. Paventhan, Sr Member Member
Jomy Jose, Member Member
Dr. Manoj Choudhury, Sr Member
Sambit Kumar Patra, Sr Member Member
Mr. Samir Kanta Satapathy, Member
Rajanikanth AR, Sr Member
Triveni C L, Member
Dr Venkatesha Prasad, Sr Member
Sheeba Kumari M, Member  Member

Bholanath Pal,  Sr Member       Immediate Past Chair



Prof K V S Hari, IISc      Immediate Past Chair Bangalore Section

Ravikiran A